psoroptic mange

psoroptic mange
: mange caused by mites of the genus Psoroptes

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  • psoroptic mange — infestation by species of Psoroptes. P. cuniculi infests the ears of rabbits and goats, sometimes causing secondary infections of the internal ear or central nervous system. P. ovis causes sheep scab, the most common type of mange in sheep, as… …   Medical dictionary

  • psoroptic — pso·rop·tic sə räp tik adj of, relating to, caused by, or being mites of the genus Psoroptes <psoroptic mange> * * * pso·rop·tic (sə ropґtik) pertaining to or caused by Psoroptes …   Medical dictionary

  • sheep scab — psoroptic mange in sheep, the most common type of mange in that species, caused by the mite Psoroptes ovis, which infests the skin at the base of the hairs. A scab forms, which later detaches along with the wool; open sores may lead to infection …   Medical dictionary

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  • sheep scab — noun : mange (as psoroptic mange) of sheep compare head scab * * * sheep scab noun A mange in sheep transmitted by mites • • • Main Entry: ↑sheep * * * sheep scab, a contagious disease of sheep due to mites which live on the skin and cause the… …   Useful english dictionary

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